Biotech & Security

Evolutionary Biotechnology & Cybersecurity

Biomedical Molecules and DNA that is computed by Neural Networks on Graphics Cards, Grown in Petridishes and synthesized by Microfluidic Flowchemistry. A complex, future-proof stack that is entirely possible in our current time, having been virtually impossible since the inception of the scientific fields of biology and chemistry began. Products of interest are now being tested on Organ Emulation Chipsets, generating data by interactions with real biological cells, in avoidance of Human and Animal experiments. A Renaissance for Drug Design and Human Longevity Research.


Our vision extends to nanoscale smart factories for novel startup ideas and the individual rendering an opposition to industrial manufacturing and offshore dependencies. 

Our Fields of Interest

Information Security & Penetration Testing

Programming Language Design

Distributed Cryptographic Systems

AI Drug Design, Synthesis and Safety Testing

Scientific Research and Peer Review

International Security & Trade


Our main interests

We like the free and uncensored exchange of information with respect to the way Blockchains have changed our digital world, how Quantum and Nanotechnology is steadily driving forward the cutting edge in Hardware, and how interdisciplinary applied science can bring along a brighter future.  

We are not blind to the problems of our world, and strongly emphasise on topics such as Drug Design, Genetic Engineering and International Security, Trade and Collaboration in Politics

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