Our Mission

Highly scalabe secure code & Geo News Intelligence

Our Fields of Activity

Information Security & Penetration Testing

High-Performance & Scalability Secure Web3 Applica

Programming Language Design

Distributed Cryptographic Systems

AI Drug Design, Synthesis and Safety Testing

Scientific Research and Peer Review

International Security & Trade

Political Military News Aggregation & Intelligence


Our main interests

We like the free and uncensored exchange of information with respect to International Security and see the way Blockchains have changed our world, how Photonics, Quantum and Nanotechnology is steadily thriving forward the cutting edge in Hardware, and how interdisciplinary applied science can bring along a brighter future.  

We are not blind to the problems of our world, and strongly emphasise on topics such as, Democracy, Genetic Engineering, Engineering and Security.

Current projects include the Wyvern AllEyes News Aggregator &
The Sandra Web3 Engine for High-Performance, High-Scalability Application Development; as well as the Dwitter Censorship resistant microblogging service.

Contact Us 

Wyvern Intrinsics Ltd.

15 William St #34D

10005 New York

United States of America

Email hi@wyvern.ch


Silent Circle @goldf1nk


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